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ADCC 2011 Over 60kg/Under 60kg Women's Third Place Results: Ida Hansson, Penny Thomas, Luanna Alzuguir, Takayo

Penny Thomas vs. Ida Hansson- This is for the bronze medal of the female over 60kg.  Ida pulled guard, working to a guillotine attack but rotates around and is on Thomas's back.  Ida sliding off to the side but quickly re-establishes her hips.  Only one hook in and Penny rotates and puts Ida onto one hip as Ida keeps hunting the neck.  Penny gets out finally and Ida is on her back.  Penny drops to a toe hold but Ida comes up on top and Penny rolls and gives up her back.  Ida on Penny's back and no hooks in, Ida hunting the neck again now.  Penny rolls and comes up in Ida's half guard with a good escape.  Ida with full guard now.  Not sure what just happened but it looks like Penny may have just injured her knee, medics on the mats now.  Thomas holding her knee and looks to be in some serious pain.  Ida comes away with the win and the bronze medal.

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Hashi Takayo-  This is for the bronze medale of the female under 60kg.  Luanna pulling into butterfly guard and now closing up the guard.  Luanna working guard and attacking constantly and eventually lands into a kneebar and finishes Takayo.  Luanna wins the bronze medal.