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ADCC 2011 Under 60kg Women's Semifinal Results: Alzuguir, Nicolini, Takayo, Kyra Gracie

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Michele Nicolini- Nicolini pulls guard right off the bat and starts aggressively attacking Alzuguir with a footlock position from open guard.  She missed the initial heel hook attempt but now has an inside heel hook attack going but Alzuguir is able to come up and is in the butterfly guard of Nicolini.  Nicolini is angling off and working her knee under the arm possibly going for a triangle on Luanna as she overhooks the other arm.  Possible omoplata attempt but Luanna is out of danger now.  Nicolini still attacking with potential submission attempts but Luanna is defending well.  Luanna lifts Nicolini but is unable to break open the guard to pass.  Nicolini actively hunting the triangle repeatedly and lands it!!!!  The triangle looks pretty good but Luanna's trapped arm is on the outside but Nicolini switches to a reverse lock triangle and is looking for the finish now, Nicolini possibly looking for a kimura as well as finishing the triangle.  Nicolini went for an omoplata and Luanna escapes and we're in an open guard situation again with Luanna on top.  We're back to standing and points are something to think about now, Nicolini goes to her back and for a leg lock and after some heel hook rolling Nicolini gets out and comes up on top and takes the back!! Both hooks in now and Nicolini is up on points, that's a huge moment for Nicolini.  Nicolini sits back to guard taking a negative point but she's still in the lead and working a closed guard now.  Nicolini might just want to stall the rest of this fight out from closed guard.  Fight getting reset on the feet now after Luanna can't crack the guard of Nicolini.  Nicolini sits to guard and we're dealing now with another sitting guard situation.  Nicolini maintaining good use of butterfly hooks as Luanna tries to pressure pass but Nicolini snaking her right leg over the top now and maintaining the left butterfly hook.  Nicolini into an omoplata attack but Luanna postures back out.  Nicolini has the foot in front now and really hunting that omoplata again but Luanna escapes yet again.  Nicolini pulls Luanna into butterfly guard.  The score is tied now apparently, not sure how that worked out but we're tied up and going to a referee's decision.  I go with Nicolini on this for the aggressive guardwork and the referees agree with me.  Michelle Nicolini moves on to the finals.

Hashi Takayo vs. Kyra Gracie-  Kyra pulls guard after a short period of hand fighting.  Kyra working for a triangle too and maintaining a very high active guard.  Takayo staying squared up with Kyra in the guard while Kyra starts working towards an omoplata attack but abandons it swiftly.  Kyra working towards a punch through triangle from high guard but Takayo postures forward to stop the attempt.  Kyra locks up a triangle now and working for the finish, omoplata attempt now and Kyra uses it to sweep Takayo for points.  Kyra locking in a high elbow guillotine and gets the finish on Takayo, great technique there by fan favorite Kyra.