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ADCC 2011 Over 60kg Women's Semifinal Results: Gabi Garcia, Penny Thomas, Hansson, Staack

Gabrielle Garcia vs. Penny Thomas-  The first match of the day has started, Gabi and Penny clinching up.  Gabi is straight up controlling Penny's wrists but they separate.  Penny shoots in but Gabi is able to sprawl down on Penny.  Gabi turns Penny over with a guillotine attempt and is in top half guard now threatening with a choke.  Thomas is attempting to keep the weight off of her with a butterfly hook from halfguard but cannot maintain it.  Gabi still trying for this choke and has gotten out of half guard and into side control using the guillotine to pass and then letting it go.  Gabi working the shoulder pressure down to open up a shot at an americana on the far side.  Gabrielle Garcia gets the win with a shoulder crush from side control when Penny's arm got caught up too high.

Ida Hansson vs. Hannette Staack-  Tying up now and Hannette scores a takedown and is in top halfguard.  Hannette has passed to mount and is working some tight pressure on the upper body of Hansson.  Staack is working from halfguard again on top.  Hanette drops down for a kneebar but misses it as they come up in 50/50.  Hannette moves forward on points.