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ADCC 2011 Over 99kg Semifinal Results: Werdum, Abreu, Magalhaes, Pietilainen

Fabricio Werdum vs. Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu-  Cyborg arm drags to a single leg but Fabricio defends well and they remain standing.  A shoving match essentially going on now between these two as Werdum finally drops for a single but Cyborg defends and we remain standing in a collar tie.  Werdum snatches the collar tie down and pulls Cyborg down to the knees with a front head lock.  Cyborg pulls an amazing roll over sweep but can't get points on it as Werdum stands immediately.  Cyborg pulls half guard and begins working for the sweep, Cyborg looking for the triangle off the tornado roll but Werdum backs out and we're in an open sitting guard for Cyborg now.  Werdum wins on points and Cyborg is eliminated.  Tough match with some action at the end.

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Janne-Pekka Pietilainen- Gerardi Rinaldi in for Janne-Pekka who was mistakenly called the winner yesterday apparently.  Vinny pulls guard into De La Riva guard.  Vinny attacks the leg after rolling from deep half guard.  Short scramble and Rinaldi in the open guard of Vinny now as Vinny sits.  Vinny back to De La Riva and goes high but Rinaldi catches the leg and is trying to pass.  Magalhaes went for a kimura but Rinaldi tried to counter with an arm lock and Vinny had to bail on the kimura.  Rinaldi really trying to pass but Vinny maintains distance well and defends the pass.  Vinny working a reverse De La Riva into a deep half guard entry but we end in half guard.  Vinny stays down not wanting to engage the NCAA championship runner-up on the feet.  Overtime now and they have to start standing, Vinny can't sit to guard now and keeps level changing and diving for the foot but Rinaldi will have none of it.  Vinny sits and takes the -1 and is now behind on points, Rinaldi trying to maintain distance but Vinny rolls up towards the back and gets a body lock with his arms and no hooks yet, Vinny trying for hooks now, one hook in and over under seat belt control with the arms.  Vinny working the non hooked leg out trying to get both hooks in and there it goes, both hooks and Vinny is up.  Huge momentum change for Vinny now as he has Rinaldi's back.  Rinaldi escapes and is back in Vinny's open guard.  Rinaldi needs to score now or Vinny will wait out the win.  Vinny working a De La Riva hook now.  Time goes out and Vinny wins on points and advances.