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ADCC 2011 Under 99kg Semifinal Results: Xande, Assis, Rodolfo Viera, Dean Lister

Xande Ribeiro vs. Joao Assis-  Collar ties for both men and eventually Xande pulls into butterfly guard.  Assis trying to close Xande's knees together and pass but Xande will have none of it.  Assis sat back momentarily and tried to pull Xande into a deep half guard attempt but it seems loose and Xande has a good far side underhook and he's attacking that arm now as Assis tries to maintain deep half guard.  Xande working on that armlock as he's sitting in deep half.  Assis rolls over and gives up the back and Xande rolls high and keeps the arm going for either a kimura or a belly down arm bar.  Neither man can complete what they're working for and we go to overtime.  Assis gets mount after Xande fails a lateral drop and Assis gets the back, both hooks in on Xande and Assis is hunting the neck now, bad news for Xande as the overtime round begins.  Assis just finished Xande with a choke and Xande was just eliminated.  Very big win for Assis, impressive display after taking advantage of the lateral drop fail.  Assis upsets Xande here, especially because the win wasn't a footlock that Assis specializes in.

Rodolfo Viera vs. Dean Lister-  Lister arm drags Rodolfo after Rodolfo tries his knee through pass (Lister sat to guard) and almost gets Rodolfo's back.  Lister trying to work into a good angle on Rodolfo but Rodolfo maintaining good hips and rolls.  Lister snatches a leg and IT'S OVER, Lister gets an inside heel hook and Rodolfo may be very injured but he's holding his rib, that roll might of pulled a rib out.  Lister moves on to fight Assis in the finals, two big upsets here folks, very interesting.