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ADCC 2011 Under 88kg Semifinal Results: Palhares, Lovato Jr., Popovitch, Galvao

Rousimar Palhares vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.-  Lovato pulls Toquinho into guard but Toquinho stands out.  Lovato keeping his feet safe in a butterfly guard on Toquinho, lots of grip fighting but nothing much happening.  Lovato is looking to frustrate Toquinho here is what it looks like with the constant head grabbing and wrist grip fighting.  Toquinho forces the half guard and Toquinho gets the leg and it's over, man Toquinho is just wrecking legs.  Toquinho goes to the finals where whoever he fights should probably just amputate their own legs before stepping onto the mats.

Pablo Popovitch vs. Andre Galvao-  Collar ties now as Andre drops down to butterfly guard, very fast grip fighting here and Galvao slides forward trying to get under Popovitch but Popvitch stands back out and they go back to the feet.  Galvao repeatedly shoots on Popovitch and then pulls open guard.  Closed guard now for Galvao and he's trying to make space.  Galvao working a closed guard again after some scrambling,  Popovitch is staying safe (read: not engaging) but Galvao gets a reversal and climbs up the leg to the hips and wipes Popovitch out outside of the mat into some chairs and a table (welcome to pro wrestling ADCC style).  They're resetting now and Galvao starts with a body lock around Popovitch, Galvao drops down and tries to take the back but Popovitch is turning in well into half guard and a kneebar attempt.  Still no score but Galvao is on top and if Galvao can flatten Popovitch he'll be up on points.  Galvao working close to a pass now as he has Popovitch's bottom leg pinned.  The ref resets and we're seeing some serious anger out of these two as they reset the position, Popovitch angling under Galvao's hips for deep half guard or a leglock attempt but Galvao backs out.  Popovitch working an open guard now as Galvao hops to the side and we're back to half guard.  Time is called and Galvao advances on points.  Galvao vs. Toquinho in the finals...