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ADCC 2011 Under 78kg Semifinal Results: Marcelo Garcia, Kron Gracie, Calasans, Leo Viera

Marcelo Garcia vs. Kron Gracie- Kron pulling guard and working closed guard on Marcelo, working the guard up high but Marcelo posturing perfectly and trying to crack the open guard now.  Marcelo breaks the guard and steps back, open guard now and Marcelo engages and IMMEDIATE pass to side control, very slick, passed like a lightning bolt but Kron is able to snake half guard in.  Marcelo working the half guard pass now with his hips flattening the bottom leg.  Marcelo pushing the bottom knee with his outside foot trying to work the pass but Kron is holding on.  Kron back to full guard and working an aggressive high guard game but Marcelo doesn't seem to be in any danger.  Marcelo almost passes and they both both end up standing, Marcelo single legs Kron and is in Kron's guard and Kron is working on a guillotine , it looks very very tight but Marcelo still alive, this is a serious guillotine and it looks bad for Marcelo.  Marcelo pops his head out finally, Marcelo out of the closed guard and stands, Kron hunting from the open guard but time is called and Marcelo Garcia takes the win on points.  Kron did an awesome job here and looked close to avenging his guillotine loss but Marcelo just seems unstoppable again this year.

Claudio Calasans vs. Leo Viera- They're still standing, jockeying for position and pummeling / grip fighting.  They hit the ground and roll for a bit but scramble back to standing.  Calasans briefly attacking with a guillotine but it's defended and both guys drop back to the leglock game.  Not a whole lot of action as Calasans working for a takedown now with double underhooks.  They end up out of bounds and the position will be reset with Calasans on the side of Viera.  Viera shooting in on Calasans but gets sprawled on, Calasans hops under and tried to balloon sweep Viera over but Viera maintains balance, Calasans with arms around Viera's back now and they have to reset the position.  Calasans trying to get both hooks in but Viera gets his hips free.  One hook in, Viera takes the hook out, hook back in, still just one hook. Calasans high up on Viera's back.  Reversal and Viera on top, Viera takes the back, Viera with both hooks in, Viera with the choke, TIME and Viera got the points for back control and wins!!!  Viera moves on to fight Marcelo Garcia in the finals, a classic ADCC legends match up!