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ADCC 2011 Under 66kg Semifinal Results: Robson Moura, Rafael Mendes, Cobrinha, Jeff Glover

Rafael Mendes vs. Robson Moura- Mendes sits down immediately and works the berimbolo but we end up with both guys sitting.  Robson working towards a 50/50 guard but with an outside leg.  Robson now in a standard half guard.  Mendes working for the pass and seems to be making headway but Robson appears to be made of memory foam from the waist down.  Moura really stuck here in half guard and Rafael keeps looking to pass, Rafael pulling the leg back and there's the leg drag pass to side control.  Mendes jumps to the arm attack but Robson gets his arm out and is on top but Rafael is attacking from closed guard now.  Mendes working towards an omoplata and then drops back and switches to a leg lock attack and we end up in 50/50.  Robson going on a kneebar, we have 0-0 on the scoreboard still, Mendes attacking with a toe hold but Robson has legs made out of space age foam or something.  Closed guard attacks againb from Mendes but Robson drops back to the foot .  Mendes trying to take the back with a roll under but Robson holding the leg well.  Mendes comes up on top and passes to side control, very impressive hip control from Mendes on Robson.  Mendes back in Robson's half guard and open guard working to pass but Robson defending well and sometimes attacking the legs.  Mendes laterally moving constantly now working for more passes, Mendes drops his hips in and Robson into half guard now but Mendes is able to stay mobile and hop over, no pass though.  Time is called and Rafael Mendes wins on points.

Rubens "Cobrina" Charles vs. Jeff Glover- Glover shoots, tries to pull deep half guard, inverts, rolls, Cobrinha escapes.  Glover shoots in on his but again but misses. Both standing again now.  Glover pulls half guard and Cobrinha starts a knee through pass, Glover working a deep half guard off of Cobrinha.  Cobrinha posted out and got the knee slice and Glover maintains halfguard, Cobrinha tries to jump to Glover's back but Glover maintained leg control and half guard.  Cobrinha still on top in halfguard.  Glover nearly sweeps Cobrinha and tries for a kneebar but Cobrinha repositions and avoids Glover getting points.  Cobrinha works around Glover's tricky guard finally and has a solid solid side control now.  Glover continually trying to rotate but Cobrinha has amazing pressure and Glover not really getting anywhere.  Cobrinha moves for the back but Glover scrambles and goes back to open guard, Glover attacking with a leg lock attempt but Cobrinha flies around to the side and passes Glover's guard again.  Cobrinha up by 6 points and Glover keeps scrambling with his legs trying to get something going.  Cobrinha sits the knee down and Glover enters into deep half guard, Jeff inverts and tries to roll under and time is called.  Cobrinha moves to fight his nemesis Rafael Mendes in the finals.