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UFC 135 Results: Mark Hunt Claims Grueling Decision Win Over Ben Rothwell

The eighth fight of the night, and third of the UFC 135 pay-per-view is a heavyweight contest, Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt. Rothwell (31-7) returns to the cage for the first time since June of last year, during which he claimed at unanimous decision over Gilbert Yvel. Meanwhile, Hunt (6-7) aims for his first winning streak since 2006, after last defeating Chris Tuchscherer at UFC 127 to snap a six-fight slump. The referee is charge of the action is Adam Martinez.

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ROUND 1 - Hunt opens up first, grazing with a one-two combination, and antoher. Rothwell answers with a straight jab. Hunt circles away but Rothwell shoots in, takes him down, and immediately transitions to full mount. Hunt stays patient and scrambles his way out. Rothwell shoots back in but is stuffed this time. Rothwell tries again and Hunt fights the takedown off once more. 90 seconds remain in the first round. Hunt blasts forward and wrestles Rothwell to the ground, landing in side control. Rothwell squirms out and stands up, but his eye is bloodied. The "Super Samoan" gets back to the feet briefly before being taken down to end the round.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Rothwell.

ROUND 2 - The fighters touch gloves to open the second round. Hunt changes levels but Rothwell stuffs the takedown. Hunt cautiously gauges the distance with his jab. Rothwell rushes into the clinch, ducks an uppercut, and pushes Hunt against the fence. Hunt reverses the position and trips Rothwell to the mat. The "Super Samoan" lands on top and starts to work the ground-and-pound. Hunt connects with a few short elbows before Rothwell pushes into full guard. Hunt postures up and transitions to side control. The K-1 veteran places his knee on the stomach of Rothwell, who immediately scrambles and gives up his back. Hunt is looking for the armbar and he could have it. Ten seconds left and Rothwell is trying to survive. Hunt cranks on the submission but can't complete it before the horn sounds. Rothwell is exhausted and is carried to the corner by his coaches.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Hunt.

ROUND 3 - Rothwell is completely gassed and having trouble standing. Hunt opens with a big uppercut. Rothwell shoots in sloppily but Hunt stuffs it and wrestles the fight to the ground. The crowd grows restless and Martinez stands it up. Hunt appears tired as well. Rothwell is barely standing, and shoots in slowly for the takedown. Hunt stuffs it and both men walk away. The "Super Samoan" charges back and takes Rothwell down. Hunt works in side control but Martinez threatens to stand the fight up. He eventually does with a minute left. Hunt connects with a stiff combination and a head kick as Rothwell's hands are on his knees. Rothwell somehow wrestles Hunt to the ground and gets full mount with blood pouring out of the forehead. It's too little, too late as the final horn sounds.

MMA Nation scores the round 10-9 Hunt.

UFC 135 results: Mark Hunt defeats Ben Rothwell via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27).