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ADCC 2011 Results From Day One

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Complete results from the first day of ADCC 2011.

Superfight Results

Braulio Estima def Jacare de Souza by points in the super fight.Round 2 Quarter Finals

Men's Under 99KGs

Xande Ribeiro def Lucio Lagarto by Rear Naked Choke

Joao Assis def Braga Neto by Footlock (toehold)

Dean Lister def James Brasco by inside heelhook

Rousimar Palhares def David Avellan by heelhook ... then kneebar.

Rafael Lovato def Kyle Griffin by triangle

Pablo Popvitch def Sergio Moraes ny points

Andre Galvao def Gunnar Nelson by Points

Marcelo Garcia def Victor Estima by Marcelotine (in 30 seconds)

Kron Gracie def Murilo Santana by points

Claudio Calasans drf Augusto Mendes by points

Rafa Mendes def Justin Rader by Rear Naked Choke.

Rubens Cobrinha def Barret Yoshida by points

Leo Viera def JT Torres on points.

Robson Moura def Ryan Hall by points

Jeff Glover def Marko Ramos by Brabo Choke (D'arce Choke).

Men's Over 99KGs

Fabricio Werdum def Jeff Monson by armbar

Cyborg Abreu def Glover Texeira by Points.

Vinny Magalhaes def Jose Junior Inside Heelhook

Janne-Pekka Pietilainen def Gerardi Rinaldi

Round 1

Womens Under 60kgs

Hashii Takayo def Rosi Sexton by Points

Michelle Nicolin def Yasmine Wilson by submisison.

Kyra Gracie def Sara Svensson by armlock

Luanna Alzuguir def Cat Zingano by Kneebar

Womens Over 60kgs

Gabi Garcia def Davi Ahuja by top Americana from half-guard.

Penny Thomas def Talita Nogueira by single arm Rear Naked Choke

Hannette Stack def Fiona Muxlowby Rear Naked Choke.

Ida Hansson vs Katrina Weilbacher


Men's Under 99KGs

Xande Ribiero def Peltola via armbar

Lucio Largarto def Shinzo Ansai by points.

Brago Nedto def Praporshchikov by triangle choke.

Joao Assis def James Poupolo by Heelhook.

Rodolfo Viera def Joseph Lee Baize by armbar from mount.

Antonio Peinado def Kamil Uminske by armlock.

Pablo Popovich def Tyszka on points

Lovato Jr def Kwang by Rear Naked Choke

Dean Lister def Ferrari by points

Rousimar Palhares def Dan Schon by Heelhook.

Kyle Griffin def Romulo Barral by points

Marcelo Garcia def Davis Heart by Marcelotine.

Andre Galvao def Don Ortega by points.

Victor Estima def Sashiro Nakakura by Rear Naked Choke.

Gunnar Nelson def Marko Helen by Points.

Murillo Santana def Jorge Britto by armlock

Kron Gracie def Jason Manly by Jumping Guillotine.

Claudio Calasans def Daniel Strauss by Kneebar.

Augusto Mendes def Vagner Rocha by footlock.

Leo Viera def Enricco Coco by points

JT Torres def Clark Gracie by points

Rada Mendes def Bruno Frazzato by points

Robson Moura def Greger Forsel by Points.

Rubens Cobrinha def David Marinakis by triangle.

Ryan Hall def Tetsu Hadairo by points.

Barett Yoshida def Nicolas Renier by Rear Naked Choke.

Jeff Glover def Tom Barlow by Points.

Over 99KGs

Fabricio Werdum def Alexander Trans by Kimura

Cyborg Abreu def Sikene Hideki def by armlock

Glover Teixara def Jerrod Bunch by Guillotine choke

Pietilainen def Rodrigo Artilhiero by arm triangle

Jose Junior def Bruno Bastos

Jeff Monson def Mateusz Juskowiak by points