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ADCC 2011 Results: 'Jacare' Souza Retires From Competitive Grappling Following Loss To Braulio Estima

After losing 3-0 to Braulio Estima in today's superfight at ADCC 2011, the former Strikeforce middleweight champion announced he is retiring from competitive grappling. In an interview with Tatame magazine, Souza states the fight with Luke Rockhold at Strikeforce Grand Prix: Barnett vs. Kharitonov took a toll on him and he'd like to focus singularly on his MMA career at this point. To wit (translation provided by Google Translate):

The last time you fought Grappling was in 2009 when he won the Drysdale and won the right to fight this year with Braulio. As the fight for you, which is more geared toward MMA?

I was not 100%, then threw the whole responsibility for it. I knew it would make a very tough fight before, so the strategy I had was to place the responsibility for him because he is fighting for more time, with a best timing of Submission ... Actually, he was the favorite. I made a tough fight, I took the fall, not because they did not know the point. On the back was faster, but in Abu Dhabi is not discussed ... It's one thing crazy.

Before you spoke too, said he had five victories. This provocation was to promote the fight or throw the responsibility for it?

In the fight I was not 100%, then threw the responsibility for it. It is logical and obvious that you see me struggling, you see my background, see where I came out of a fight five rounds, where he had a lot of punches, so naturally it was apparent that I was not 100%.

And now, what are the plans?

I'm thinking about the next. I want a rematch with Rockhold, that's it. I'm a guy focused on MMA now.

What about a new call of a fight married, is a Jiu-Jitsu and Submission ... You're in?

I'll never do. I retired. That was the last.

Jacare is a multiple-time world champion and 2005 ADCC Gold Medalist in the 87kg division. Full list of Jacare's major grappling titles here.