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ADCC 2011 Results: Braulio Estima Beats Jacare Souza On Points

It's time for today's main event, a fight between last ADCC's super-fight champion Ronaldo Souza against last ADCC's absolute champion Braulio Estima.

Jacare is coming off that tough loss to Luke Rockhold in Strikeforce but opted to continue on with his ADCC obligation to fight hometown hero Braulio Estima.

It's on.  Some early grip fighting with Braulio working towards a collar tie.  Both fighters prodding each other with small tie ups.  Braulio went for an arm drag and turned it into a single leg, he got Jacare down for a short time but Jacare was able to scramble back to the feet.  We're back to the collar ties now as both men search for some sort of opening.

Braulio going low after Jacare to possibly pull guard and he does it after a short scare of almost having his back taken.  Halfguard now as Braulio is keeping Jacare at a distance with his knee shield.  Jacare really not engaging as of yet, conserving his energy most likely and allowing Braulio to be the aggressor.  Braulio trying to work a few different guards switching between butterfly and now a De la Riva hook trying to sit up but Jacare forces the position down.

Braulio back to working the butterfly guard now and trying to break the posture of Jacare down but Jacare is able to stand back up and get outside of the guard.  Braulio working an arm drag after some extended posturing in the open guard by Jacare. 

It really seems like Jacare is waiting the clock out until 10 minutes rolls over and he can start scoring points.  The crowd is starting to come alive and Jacare works at trying to pass finally but Braulio defends and tries to lock in a footlock which Jacare slips out of and now we're back to Jacare in front of Braulio's sitting guard.

Braulio locking around the leg now and trying to hold onto half guard.  Braulio inverting and potentially going for a kneebar but Jacare will have none of it as he postures out.  Braulio inverting again and trying to sweep but Jacare has dropped his weight well and is able to bail out of the sweep.  Braulio gets a foot and sweeps Jacare over!  Jacare wants none of that and pops back up immediately.  No points yet.

Braulio going for a footlock now, trying to turn it into a sweep and stand up but Jacare posturing out and trying to run out.  Braulio lost the leg now and we're back to Jacare sitting in front of Braulio.  Braulio inverting again to sweep and bailed on the sweep to the inverted triangle but it missed!  He's turn that triangle attempt back into a knee attack but Jacare is able to back out again.

Closed guard now finally as Braulio is able to lock his legs around Jacare finally.   Braulio working an omoplata now but doesn't keep his legs heavy and transfers it to a kneebar but it misses and we're in 50/50 now.  Braulio still has a foot but loses it.  We're sitting again.

Jacare has been asked to take his t-shirt off as it was too bulky, that's about all that's changed as we're still playing open guard.

End of regulation time and we're going to go to over time as the score is still 0-0.

Now that we're in overtime if either of them sit for guard it will be a point deduction, this is not a good thing for a guard player like Braulio.

We're standing again now and both of them are back to the collar tie.  Braulio went for an arm drag but it slipped.  Braulio just barely missed a single leg as Jacare was able to sprawl back and stand.  Still 0-0 folks.

Jacare shoots and scores a beautiful double leg but it stays 0-0 as they went out of bounds and Braulio got back up.  We're at least on the ground now as Braulio is working an open half guard.  Braulio is able to maintain guard against Jacare as Jacare finally is looking to pass.

Jacare holding his rib as they reset back to the middle, Braulio working an arm drag to no avail.  Braulio playing butterfly and has both underhooks on Jacare.  Braulio inverting again and tries to get it over to x-guard but turns it into 50/50.  Jacare rolls but Braulio comes up on top and may have Jacare's back.  BOTH HOOKS IN THE CROWD GETS CRAZY.  Were both hooks in long enough??  Braulio is up 3 to 0! The hooks were in!  Jacare is back in the closed guard of Braulio and now has to attack or he'll lose this on points.

Jacare stands and Braulio working to control the legs and sweep but Jacare is able to sit back down.  Half butterfly for Braulio now, back to half guard.  Braulio inverts and tries for another sweep.

That time, it's over and Braulio is the winner 3-0. Slow match but that back take was amazing.  Hell of a fight.