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ADCC 2011 Under 66kg Round 2 Results : Robson Moura, Rafael Mendes, Ryan Hall, Cobrinha And More

Rafael Mendes against Justin Rader, Rafael Mendes pulls into guard goes for an omoplata and then an armlock and then takes the back and the chokes in.  Well, that was impressive, just damn impressive.

Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles against Barret Yoshida.  Cobrinha is crushing the guard of Barret Yoshida and really working the knee slice pass but Barret is able to keep half guard even as Cobrinha repeatedly steps over the guard.  Cobrinha finally achieves a full guard pass and establishes side control which puts him up on points.  Cobrinha has won on points.

Ryan Hall against Robson Moura.  I'm sorry, was mesmerized by this match, some amazing guard work by Ryan Hall but in the end (like the final seconds) Robson was able to pass Ryan's guard and eliminate Ryan from the competition.  Robson throughout the fight seemed to be invulnerable to leg locks.  Highly entertaining match.

Jeff Glover against Marco Ramos.  Not televised but Glover just won via a swift D'Arce choke.