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ADCC 2011 Under 77kg Round 2 Results: Marcelo Garcia, Victor Estima

Marcelo Garcia up against Victor Estima.  Marcelo pulling guard and wow... the guillotine is in and Victor is trying his best to survive but is forced to tap.  Marcelo is inhuman and on a huge roll.

Murilo Santana against Kron Gracie.  Murilo has pulled guard and Kron is trying to work his way out as Murilo repeatedly attacks with a high guard.  Kron won on points after Murilo mistakenly sits into halfguard and gets a point deduction, terrible news for Murilo.

Claudio Calasans against Augusto Mendes.  Both guys have dropped to guard and enter into a leg lock roll and are exchanging submission attempts.  Calasans has won on points.

Leo Viera against J.T. Torres, J.T. has dropped for guard and Leo is standing in front of him.  Some open guard work from both guys here as they've switched now and J.T. is up in top position in Leo's butterfly guard.  Leo's worked a takedown and is now up on points over J.T.  Leo has just beaten J.T. on points from that takedown.