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ADCC 2011 Under 88kg Round 2 Results: Rafael Lovato, Kyle Griffin, Andre Galvao And More

Rousimar Palhares "Toquinho" against David Avellan.  Toquinho with a quick takedown and something happened, not sure what happened just now.  I guess Avellan rolled out of bounds and we had a misunderstanding between the two fighters.  They've restarted the match and Toquinho immediately wrecks Avellan's knee with a kneebar, BAD kneebar... leg bent the wrong way... definitely a problem for Avellan.  Toquinho continues his leglock rampage.

Rafael Lovato Jr. against Kyle Griffin.  Lovato pulls guard and tricks Kyle into a triangle, very nice.  Quick match and Kyle's upset run is over.

Andre Galvao against Gunnar Nelson.  Galvao pulling guard and trying to stand for guillotines but Gunner just keeps pushing him back down.  Galvao works for a heel hook and Gunner gets out and Galvao turns it into a calf slicer.  Galvao working repeatedly for kneebars and eventually gets a sweep on Gunnar off of the kneebar attempt.  Galvao has won on points.

Sergio Moraes against Pablo Popovitch.  Nothing is really happening as both guys just go repeatedly from standing and sitting positions.  We just had a big takedown from Popovitch but Sergio scrambled out and no points were awarded.  We're back on the feet now and nothing is happening again.  Moraes goes for a jumping guillotine and Pablo defends.  We're in overtime now and Popovitch finally wins by points on a takedown.