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ADCC 2011 Under 99kg Round 2 Results: Xande Ribeiro, Lucio Lagarto, Braga Neto And More

Xande against Lagarto up now for round two of the under 99kg.  Repeatedly going for the arm drag is Lagarto and eventually Xande has pulled guard.  Lagarto working his knee through the middle of Xande's open guard.  We're seeing a lot of caution from both guys and we've come back to standing now.  Xande got a takedown, is now trying a head and arm choke, Lucio turns away and Xande hops onto the back and immediately gets the choke on Lagarto.  Lagarto's out and Xande wins.

Joao Assis against Antonio Braga Neto.  Neto controlling the match.  Neto working a triangle and then a toe hold as Assis steps over but WOW Assis with a gigantic toe hold and gets the tap.  Neto may be seriously injured here.  Assis moves on.

Rodolfo Viera against Antonio Peinado. An extended feeling out goes on with plenty of hand fighting going on. Roldolfo gets past the guard of Peinado.  Rodolfo wins on points.

Dean Lister against Radek Turek. Turek going for a foot lock from a 50/50 position. Lister got a heel hook and pulls out a quick submission.