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ADCC 2011 Over 99kg Round 2 Results: Jeff Monson, Fabrico Werdum, Vinny Magalhaes And More

Fabricio Werdum against Jeff Monson up now to start round 2 of the over 99kg weight class.  Fabricio comes up on top after a takedown, we're in half guard now and Werdum is able to pass and easily submits Monsons injured arm with an armlock.

Vinny Magalhaes against Jose Junior now and immediately we're looking at a leg lock battle.  Vinny coming away with a nice inside heel hook on Jose and forces the tap.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu against Glover Teixeira.  Roberto pulling guard and working repeatedly for submission attempts on Glover.  Cyborg has come up on top and swept Glover and is definitely up on points, Cyborg has moved onto the back now but loses the position.  Cyborg going after triangles on Glover constantly and Glover is forced to utilize a lot of strength repeatedly getting out of danger.  Cyborg is our winner here on points after controlling the match.

Gerardi Rinaldi against Janne-Pekka Pietilainen now and Rinaldi has come up on points after finally passing the guard after an extended half guard battle.  Rinaldi in an armlock now after the tides turned but he's escaped and comes up to standing.  Pietilainen has won on points!