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ADCC 2011 Over 60kg Female Results: Gabi Garcia, Talita Nogueira, Penny Thomas and more

Rafael Dos Santos is up against Marco Ramos now, Dos Santos is a last second replacement for Rani "I ate too many brownies before weigh ins" Yahya who came in 9ibs overweight. This is the final match of the under 67kg weight class.

Gabi Garcia against Devi Ahuja, Gabi crushes Ahuja down and gets the americana. Not unexpected at all.

Talita Noguiera against Penny Thomas now. Talita working a calf slicer after some interesting guard work and we’re going into 50/50 now with Talita attempting heel hooks and toe holds. Talita working an omoplata as Penny tries to come on top. Talita working a triangle now off the omoplata and it looks pretty tight but Thomas may have both hands locked inside the legs. Penny escapes and goes into mount, very impressive but she can’t get full mount as Talita is able to sneak in a half guard. Penny Thomas now with full back control with hooks and gets an arm triangle from the back!!! Very impressive move to pull off from the back. Very exciting match with lots of submission attempts.

Ida Hansen against Katrina Weilbacher, Ida Hansen on top in half guard but looks to be passing to mount. Ida wins on points.

Hannette Staack against Fiona Muxlow, Hannette Staack firmly in control here and on Fiona’s back with both hooks and working for the choke. Staack with an RNC finish.

Luanna Alzuguir against Cathilee Albert. Luanna hitting a knee bar immediately wow, very slick.