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ADCC 2011 Under 66kg Results 2: Barret Yoshida, Jeff Glover, Jeff Monson And More

Still in the under 66kg weight class:

Barret Yoshida up against Nicolas Renier, IMMEDIATE pass by Renier but Barret works back to guard and is able to eventually roll the fight and take Renier's back.  Yoshida has Renier's arm trapped and is working the RNC now.  We've been in the crucifix/rnc position for around six minutes now and Renier just got out and attempts to pass but Yoshida keeps an active guard.  Renier with a slow double leg but he gets it on Yoshida and could be up on points against Barret.  Barret rolls the position over and is working towards Renier's back again.  Yoshida gets both hooks in and immediately gets the tap via a choke.  Nice win.

Uhhh... Jeff Monson who no showed earlier is now on the mats and will be given the chance to fight his opponent Mateusz Juskowiak.  Monson's arm is very wrapped up and possibly injured.  Monson playing half guard and turns over and single legs Juskowiak.  Slow match and we're going into overtimes finally we have Jeff Monson winning on referee decision.

Jeff Glover against Tom Barlow now.  Glover has been playing around and rolling in and out of inverted guard seemingly unworried about Barlow.  Glover finally stops playing around and gets on top, working the passes on Barlow and Glover locking into a few neck attacks here but Barlow is able to sneak out.  Glover passes Barlow and gets mount and is pressing down on Barlow.  Jeff tries to go to knee on belly off the mount to set up a choke trap if Barlow rolls into him but it ends up with both of them standing.  Glover wins on points.