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ADCC 2011 Under 66kg Results: Robson Moura, Rafael Mendes, Ryan Hall And More

The under 66kg weight class is up now:

Our first match is Rafael Mendes and Bruno Frazatto (training partners with each other).  We're in 50/50 guard and we're seeing constant footlock attacks from both competitors, Rafael looking to be slightly more aggressive with the attacks.  Continually going for legs are both guys but Rafael has now secured back control after a scramble.  Rafael has won on points after the back control points were given to him.

Justin Radar up against Timo-Juhani Hiryikangas now, and we'll be calling Timo "T-Bone" from here on out.  Justin Radar has won.

Robson Moura against Gregor Forcel, we're seeing Robson with an extremely offensive guard and what looked to be a dead to rights guillotine in and turned over into a mounted guillotine but Forcel gets some divine intervention somehow an escapes.  Robson looking very technical with a back take but Forcel is able to stand up and we're back to a take down battle.  Robson wins on points after dominating the match.

Ryan Hall against Tetsu Hadairo (who walked out in a space suit and underneath is wearing a flesh colored rash guard and vale tudo shorts)  They start off FAST and Ryan Hall working some 50/50 guard and immediately into a heel hook but Tetsu slips out and Ryan pulls into half guard again and yet again works into a footlock position on Tetsu.  Ryan really aggressive with the lock lock attempts.  Ryan rolls into an inverted guard and shoots the triangle, Tetsu slams Ryan and escapes the triangle, Ryan is back to guard.  Ryan looking like a tornado of legs as he keeps up the assault on Tetsu.  The tornado is finally slowing down as we get into a 50/50 guard with Ryan working the legs again.  Ryan changing up the attacaks now with some outside leg reaps and working the arm drag trying to get Tetsu's back.  We're in 50/50 again with Ryan trying to set up heel hooks and Tetsu trying what he can as far as passing Hall's guard but he just can't get past the leg.  Hall worked a slick back take and has both hooks putting him up on points.  Hall's working for an RNC  and is on Tetsu's back like glue with a body lock.  Ryan comes away with a win on points after a hell of a wild leg tornado match.

Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles up now against David Marinakis.  We're starting fast here and Marinakis survives the initial rush and gets deep half guard.  Cobrinha passes making it look easy and gets his knee in between and establishes side control on Marinakis.  Cobrinha gets an amazing triangle and rolls to his back and now Marinakis is in emergency mode trying to survive the triangle.  Cobrinha turns it over to a mounted triangle and there goes the finish as Cobrinha eliminates Marinakis.