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ADCC 2011 Under 77kg Results: Santana, Kron Gracie, Claudio Calasans And More

Continuing the under 77kg weight class:

Murilo Santana against Jorge Britto pulls guard, sweeps Britto and is up on top. Santana has passed the guard now, Murilo to side control and wins with a slick armlock.

Kron Gracie against Jason Manley, Kron jumps a guillotine and finishes it fast. Wow.

Claudio Calasans against Dan Strauss, Calasans with an extremely quick roll under to a kneebar.

Augusto Tanquinho Mendes against Vagner Rocha, not televised but Tanquinho has come away with a quick footlock.

Leo Viera against Enrico Coco, nothing terribly notable as it’s not televised but apparently it’s a scrappy match and Viera has finally won after a gigantic ippon seio nage! HUGE.

Clark Gracie up against J.T. Torres, Clark Gracie sits immediately to work open guard. Clark working for a kneebar but J.T. rotates over top correctly and figure fours his legs to defend. J.T. with an extremely nice leg drag to pass to side control but Clark Gracie inverts and starts working an inverted guard to knee bar but misses the knee. We’re back to the sitting guard and J.T. leg drags again to pass and now he’s secured side control. Clark on top now with a reversal after J.T. fails a submission attempt but Clark rolls back to guard letting J.T. on top. J.T. passes but can’t maintain control as Clark works some impressive open and inverted guard. J.T. moves past Clark with a final guard pass.