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ADCC 2011 Results: Gunnar Nelson, Andre Galvao, Marcelo Garcia, Victor Estima

Still going is the under 89kg weight class:

Gunnar Nelson against Marko Helen, Nelson controlling the match on top. We’re in triple overtime but Nelson finally working on Helen’s back and then working a head and arm choke. Helen escapes multiple chokes from Nelson and we’re in quadruple overtime. Nelson finally wins on points after a pass.

Andre Galvao against Don Ortega, Galvao working the butter fly guard and Ortega just can’t seem to start a pass. Galvao works an arm drag to Ortega’s back and Galvao eliminates Ortega on points.

We’re in the 77kg weight class now:

Marcelo Garcia against Davis Hart, Garcia with some swift passing work with the knee inside, Marcelo gets mount an executes a beautiful guillotine (marcelotine style with the elbow lift). Garcia makes it look easy and advances.

Local favorite Victor Estima up against Sanshiro Nakakura, Victor with a sweet arm drag to a single leg and now on Nakakura’s back standing; they go out of bounds but remain standing. Victor drops to guard and goes under Nakakura to a kneebar, transferring it to a calf slicer now and maybe going to the back but Nakakura has turned and tries to get on top but Victor keeps an active open guard and Nakakura is forced to back away. Victor works another kneebar to slicer and tries to take the back again but misses it. Victor and Nakakura really scrambling but Victor the constant aggressor with leg lock attempts but Nakakura keeps making it out of bounds. Victor with an extremely impressive back take at the end and he closes it out winning on points. Great match with a high pace. Victor looked great.