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ADCC 2011 Under 89kg Results: Lister, Palhares, Lovato, Griffin, Avellan, Popovitch, Morares Win

Under 99kg is just finishing up and they’re starting the under 89kg.

Dean Lister against Ferrari is the final match of the under 99kg weight class, Ferrari has taken Lister down and Lister continually attacks Ferrari from guard. First Lister has gone for an omoplata and then a triangle, both unsuccessful. Lister has given up his back but remains in turtle guard as Ferrari tries to figure out an offense against Lister but eventually both have ended up back on the feet. Lister after a takedown has started up an armlock and looks close to finishing Ferrari, Ferrari survives and Dean Lister wins by points.

Rousimar Palhares slammed Dan Schon and then transfers to a heel hook to finish the match.

Rafael Lovato is up against Jeon Doo Kwang, Kwang repeatedly threatening with foot locks and frustrating Lovato. Around and round they go as Rafael cannot pass Kwang’s very flexible open guard. We’re into overtime now but Lovato gets the back and finish on Kwang! Definitely an odd match but an entertaining bit of open guard work by Kwang.

Romulo Barral against Kyle Griffin (Tyson Griffin’s brother), Romulo pulls guard immediately. Romulo has repeatedly worked for guillotines but Kyle Griffin proving to be very able to escape each time as well as deal with Romulo’s other attacks from guard, he’s unable to pass however. Griffin up on points now after a takedown on Romulo!! Romulo works from a guillotine to a triangle to an armlock to an omoplata to an armlock to a kimura but can’t finish as time runs out and Griffin wins by takedown points!!! Awesome match.

David Avellan has won his match by points.

Pablo Popovitch up against Zbigniew Tyszka, Popovitch on top after Tyszka pulls half guard. Popovitch in solid control on top and doesn’t seem to be moving very much. Popovitch eventually frustrating Tyszka and forces the mistake as he takes Tyszka’s back. Popovitch has defeated Tyszka.

Jimmy Harbison against Sergio Morares and we’re in a 50/50 guard war with Harbison looking for an inside heel hook and really threatening Moraes. Moraes has eliminated Harbison on points after a very up and down match with some very interesting offensive guard work from Harbison.