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ADCC 2011 Under 99kg Results: Rinaldi, Ribiero, Lagarto, Neto, Assis, Viera, Peinado Advance

Under 99kg up now after Rinaldi defeats Mick Wilson by points

Xande Ribiero up against Peltola, Xande establishing half guard control after a takedown. Peltola has re-established full guard. Xande rolls to the bottom to lock up a triangle and swiftly transfers to an armbar to finish Peltola.

Lucio Lagarto up against Shinzo Ansai (coming out in a single shoulder singlet…), Lagarto has taken Ansai’s back after swift control and is working for a rear naked choke. After a positional reset resulting from an out of bounds call Ansai has escaped the rear naked choke but Lagarto retains back control. Lagarto threatens with yet another RNC that Ansai has escaped but Lagarto remains on the back. Lagarto finally wins by points after controlling the back for almost the entire match.

Braga Neto up against Praporshchikov. Braga Neto wins after a short battle with a triangle choke.

Joao Assis against James Poupolo, short takedown battle into the half guard position, after some short positional changes Assis locks up a heel hook and Poupolo is forced to tap.

Rodolfo Viera against Joseph Lee Baize, Rodolfo ends up in Baize’s half guard and works a knee through the middle to pass, Baize turns over and Rodolfo gets his back and eventually gets both hooks in. Baize turns over eventually giving up the mount as Viera immediately puts in an armlock to finish off Baize.

Kamil Uminske against Antonio Peinado immediately goes to half guard and has stayed there for quite a while, Peinado eliminated Uminski with an armlock after an extended period of Uminske trying to pass Peinado’s tricky guard.