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ADCC 2011 99kg Results: Werdum, Abreu, Teixeira, Junior, Juskowiak, Pietilainen and Magalheas Advance

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+99kg weight class up first.

Fabricio Werdum with a takedown off the collar tie, after a short half guard battle Werdum has been able to pass and execute a kimura on his opponent Alexander Trans.

Cyborg Abreu against Sikene Hideki and we’re treated to an almost immediate armlock finish as Abreu advances.

Glover Teixeira defeats Jerrod Bunch via guillotine after a short takedown battle.

Jose Junior has upset Bruno Bastos in the opening round and advances on.

Jeff Monson has no showed and his opponent Juskowiak has advanced by default.

Rodrigo Artilhiero has lost to a head and arm choke against his opponent Pietilainen.

Vinny Magalhaes has advanced, unsure at this time of the exact result.