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UFC 135 Fight Card Breakdown: Nate Diaz Vs. Takanori Gomi

Lightweights Nate Diaz and Takanori Gomi meet at UFC 135 in Denver. Diaz (13-7, 8-5 UFC) is back at 155lbs after losing two straight at welterweight. Gomi (32-7, 1 NC, 1-2 UFC) has struggled since the collapse of Pride back in 2007 and his UFC run has seen no turnaround. 

Gomi was a champion in Pride and the storied Shooto organization back in the glory days of Japanese MMA, but he has only shown flashes of the old Fireball Kid in recent years. Still his ability to throw one-punch KO bombs from out of nowhere makes him an ever-present danger.

Diaz uses his lanky frame and long reach to build an unconventional boxing attack that relies on a huge volume of arm punches. He also has excellent Jiu-Jitsu but poor wrestling. Diaz should be able to capitalize on Gomi's weak grappling but you have to wonder if he won't choose to slug it out instead. 

Aspect Diaz Points Gomi Advantage
Range Fighting

Boxing Volume Puncher Fireball Kid Tie
Kickboxing Good Flying Knees Gomi
Wrestling Wrestling? 1 Good Sprawl Tie
Clinch Fighting        
Dirty Boxing Mean 1 Vicious Gomi
Thai Clinch Ouch 1 Good Diaz
Throws/Trips Some Judo 1 Good Tie
Ground Fighting

Positional Control Good Not Great 1 Ok Diaz
Scrambling Slick 1 Gets Back Up Diaz
Ground and Pound Hurts 1 Smashing Tie
Submissions Tap Homey 1 Submissions? Diaz
Intangibles Stockton 1 Gomi's Last Stand? Gomi
Overall Nick's Lil Bro 4/4 Fireball Kid Tie