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UFC 135: Ottavia Bourdain, Wife Of Anthony Bourdain, Talks Love Of MMA

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I had the honor of catching up with Ottavia Bourdain - MMA enthusiast, Renzo Gracie student, UFC fan - wife of noted chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain. Ottavia, it turns out, is a massive UFC fan, so I wanted a chance to inquire about the origin of her interest and participation in the sport.

Mrs. Bourdain explains she was hunting for a more inspiring fitness option, which led her to muay Thai and jiu-jitsu training. She soon discovered the UFC and from the looks of it, it was love at first sight.

Ottavia also offers two predictions in this short video for the Josh Koscheck vs. Matt Hughes and Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson fights at UFC 135.

Nothing overly involved in the content here, but I've always believed in the value of underscore noteworthy fans of mixed martial arts. Ottavia ably satisfies the condition and exudes the most genuine and appropriate love of violence any real fight fan demonstrates.


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