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UFC 135: 'Rampage' Jackson Outs Ex-MusclePharm Employee As Spy

The ongoing back-and-forth "Spygate" allegations between UFC 135 headliners Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Jon "Bones" Jones appears to have finally reached a conclusion, albeit a bizarre one. In an interview with ESPN on Friday morning, Jackson put all claims to rest by unveiling the first name of the supposed mole, "Leonard," and stating that he was a former MusclePharm employee who recently resigned. Immediately after the interview Jackson backed up his assertions with this tweet.

I just outed the spy on Sport Center,its come on top who he is but out of respect 2 #mucslepharm I won't tweet his name,he's done f**k em!
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MusclePharm is one of the primary sponsors for UFC 135. According to a Security and Exchange Commissions report filled on September 16th, the corporations former Executive Vice President -- a man by the name of Leonard K. Armenta -- resigned from the company around the same time the rumors were flying. The release states that "his resignation was not the result of any disagreements with the Company on any matters relating to the Company's operations, policies or practices."

After the interview Jon Jones responded with a tweet of his own.

Sucks some poor guy at musclepharm got fired over rampages paranoia
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So while we may never know the truth about "Spygate," it does finally appear to be behind us. Check out the original ESPN interview below and see which side you believe.