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How To Watch ADCC 2011 Live Streaming Online

An explanation of how to catch ADCC 2011 if you're not in Nottingham, England; and a short explanation of what exactly the ADCC tournament is.

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The ADCC tournament is the most prestigious no-gi submission grappling tournament in the world.  Every two years the best no-gi grapplers from all over the planet are invited to compete in this tournament with the chance to win some of the largest cash purses available in the grappling circuits.  The tournament is separated into multiple weight classes as well as an absolute weight class (any weight allowed).  The winner of the absolute class is considered the overall ADCC champion of that year and is invited back for the next tournament to compete in the main event "super-fight" often against the previous events super-fight winner.

Braulio Estima (the current absolute champion) will be matching up against ace grappler and last years super-fight winner Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in the main event of the competition.

This years ADCC championship held in Nottingham, England on the 24th and 25th of September will be broadcast live through The event is starting at 7am EST both Saturday and Sunday and is scheduled to last 6-8 hours each day.  The matches will be re-broadcast each day after the live stream concludes.  Current pricing for the live stream is $24.95 until the 24th of September when the price will jump to 30$.  You can find more information at:  Budovideos ADCC 2011 Live Broadcast