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MMA Nation Round-Up: UFC 135 Hype Heats Up, Mayweather Controversy Continues, And Linda McMahon Runs Again

MMA Nation Round-Up provides you with daily coverage of the latest in news, multimedia, and analysis throughout the world of combat sports.

- Let's start with MMA Nation's coverage of yesterday's UFC 135 pre-fight press conference. We've got it all including video of the Jones vs. Rampage staredownDana White talking about the future of Strikeforce, Floyd MayweatherNick Diaz, GSP and more

- Before we get too deep into MMA, there's still some afterglow from the Mayweather fight. For one thing,the WBC is standing behind Mayweather in his beef with HBO commentator Larry Merchant. 

- Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook looks ahead to Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao: The Ongoing Theatrical Trailer That Keeps Boxing Moving.

- Boxing promoter Bob Arum says Victor Ortiz showed mental weakness against Mayweather.

Dana White has a message for Arum: "F___ You."

Dana White makes equally short work of WWE star Triple H and his criticisms of MMA. 

- While we're talking about the WWE, Linda McMahon is preparing her second run for the U.S. Senate.

- Now let's talk UFC 135. First the debate Jonathan Snowden triggered with his The UFC's Paradigm Shift: Jon Jones Isn't One Of Us piece rages on with both David Castillo ("Jon Jones: An Athletic Force of Nature? Or Force of Nurture?") and Leland Roling ("Our Strange Obsession With Jon Jones' Identity") responding. 

- Bloody Elbow's Fraser Coffeen looks at Rampage Jackson's devastating use of the hook punch in today's "Judo Chop".

- Anton Tabuena chronicles the week in the crazy world of Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter in Bloody Elbow's"How Taste My Tweet Tweet"

- K.J. Gould asks with the UFC and Fox in a seven year marriage, does this mean a UFC deal with UK's Sky Sports is inevitable?

- Dallas Winston dissects the UFC 135 Spike TV preliminaries at Bloody Elbow. They've been called the best fight previews in MMA, because they are. 

- MMA Mania's Brian Hemminger spoke with UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell about his UFC 135 bout with Mark Hunt

- Michael Bisping, a close friend of Rampage Jackson, and Malki Kawa, Jon Jones' manager, take a car right together. It gets awkward.And both of them tweeted all about it. 

Matt Hughes is more than just a wrestler and MMA Mania proves it with this look at his skilled use of submissions. 

- Just in case you thought Japanese MMA was dead, The Corpse of Japanese MMA Still Twitches with the BW GP, and Other Relevant Bouts.

- Former UFC star Roger Huerta Talks War Machine.

- And because this is MMA, we've got the Tattoo of the Week: Kyle Baker.

- For you audio-visual nerds, The Ultimate Fighter season 14 debuted last night, here's the preview video in case you missed the show:

And we'll let Dana White have the last word, talking to Karyn Bryant about Jon Jones and Nick Diaz: