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UFC 135 Staredown Video: Jon Jones Vs. Rampage Jackson, Hughes Vs. Koscheck

MMA Nation's Luke Thomas was at the UFC 135 pre-fight press conference today at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and captured the stare downs between the main event and co-main event fighters.

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones dispensed with his trademark 'staring off into the distance' stare down technique and made sustained eye contact with Quinton Jackson. Former UFC welterweight champ and UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes and his opponent Josh Koscheck also gave the press a stare down. 

Jones had attempted to stare off into the distance the last time he faced off with Jackson at an earlier press conference for the event a few weeks back, but the clever Jackson simply turned his back to Jones and joined him in staring off in the distance.

The fighters will stare one another down again at Friday's weigh-ins and MMA Nation will be on hand there as well to document all the pre-action action.