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UFC 135 Pre-Fight Press Conference: Dana White on Nick Diaz, Floyd Mayweather, More

UFC President Dana White huddled with reporters after the UFC 135 pre-fight press conference. MMA Nation's Luke Thomas was there and taking notes. Here are some highlights, video to follow.

All statements are Dana White's:

  • The future of Strikeforce depends on Showtime; one month until the deal expires.
  • Floyd Mayweather not at fault for what happened. Mayweather-Ortiz did, according to White, 1.3 million pay-per-view buys. 
  • Boxing has two big fights a year. The Klitschko aren't big business in the U.S. and their fights don't count.
  • RE: UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre fighting safe, White says GSP is the biggest pay-per-view star -- by far -- in MMA, but he isn't fighting like he used to.
  • The Dan Henderson deal didn't take long to do because Hendo wanted to fight in the UFC.
  • Jake Ellenberger's win over Jake Shields at UFC Fight Night 25 "'put (Ellenberger) on the map."
  • Jon Jones has not earned being ranked top 3 pound-for-pound. Jones will not be allowed to be a light heavyweight champion and moonlight as a heavyweight.
  • "Larry Merchant constantly says rude, negative s**t to boxers. No wonder boxers don't want to talk with Merchant. He's an embarrassment to HBO and senile."
  • It's crazy odds have Quinton "Rampage" Jackson as 5 to 1 underdog to Jon Jones.
  • White talked a lot about Nick Diaz. He thinks he can make the relationship work. He knows that Diaz just doesn't care about anything but fighting. White would not rule out putting Diaz in a main event, but he'll evaluate that decision when the moment calls for it.
  • There has never been a fighting organization but the UFC that has EVER had a television deal that made sense.
  • The winner of Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua will likely get a title shot.