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VIDEO: Carlos Condit In Camp And Blowing Off Steam

Get inside Carlos Condit's training camp with this video, an interesting look at fighting, human anatomy, and how fighters interact with each other during training.

In the video, Condit's sparring partner Melvin Guillard, himself a lightweight contender, gets dropped by a punch. This isn't embarrassing for the budding star. Instead, he takes a moment to discuss with trainer Mike Winkeljohn how he got caught and how to prevent it in the future. It's an intriguing look at a fighter using practice, not to gauge how well he is doing relative to his peers, but to try some new things and continue to grow.

You'll also see head trainer Greg Jackson explain why the human body wasn't designed for fighting. After explaining the limitations of our fragile hands and feet, he goes on to suggest that the ability to use and manipulate tools is the secret to our evolutionary success. Pretty heady stuff, and funny too considering he makes a living teaching people how to do something he readily admits is next to useless.