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Statement From Golden Glory Manager Bas Boon

Bas Boon, the Golden Glory executive released the following statement by way of Fight Opinion.The UFC is not wrong!

I want to make the following statement to clear up any speculation.

The UFC did nothing wrong and neither did Golden Glory management when signing up Alistair Overeem with the UFC. It is public knowledge how the UFC does business. The fighters sign their own contracts and agreements. If journalists have any questions regarding Alistair Overeem's statement about G.G please contact the UFC for any further questions. ALL correspondence between the UFC and Golden Glory was also shared/CC'd to Alistair Overeem, who finally made a decision to sign the agreements.

These are difficult times in the fighting industry. We are still waiting for payment of FEG, as Alistair said in the press, and the future of FEG is still unclear. There is a Dutch law called bibop in the Netherlands which makes promoting events there extremely difficult. There will be a lot of rumors like in the recent past when 4 G.G fighters were released from the UFC and Strikeforce and that was the so called end of G.G relationship with the UFC.

Not long after this rumor, Golden Glory made a mega-deal with Alistair Overeem signing with the UFC. Jon Olav Einemo is now back with the UFC and Siyar Bahadurzada just got offered a UFC contract.

There is also some really good news coming soon about the situation in Japan and I really want to let everybody know the details - but I have signed multiple NDAs (non disclosure argreements) and I have to wait before publicly elaborating further.

With Sporting Greetings,
Bas Boon