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VIDEO: Dana White Video Blog For UFC 135 Part 1

UFC President Dana White is back with another video blog for this weekend's UFC 135.

Highlights include:

  • Dana White at UFC 134 including Dana backstage with Yushin Okami and Anderson Silva before and after their middleweight title fight. Dana giving Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira the Knockout of the Night bonus and Nog's excited reaction. 
  • Dana at UFC Fight Night 25 including backstage footage of headliners Jake Shields and Jake Ellenberger before and after their bout. Shields continues to object to the stoppage and then switches trains when there is a suggestion of a CAT scan for him, he's concerned about the radiation. Several other fighters from the event are seen back stage, some grumpy, some cool as cucumbers.
  • Dana at the UFC 135 press conference including Quinton "Rampage" Jackson mocking Jon Jones' trade mark stare-away-stare-down tactic.

We'll be back with more video blogs from White as he prepares for UFC 135 in Denver, Colorado.