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VIDEO: UFC 135's Jon Jones And Rampage Jackson On Jimmy Kimmel

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, the man who's coming after his belt at this Saturday's UFC 135 in Denver, were on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. 

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This appearance will only fuel the controversy surrounding the youthful Jones. Many are saying he's had too much success too soon, some are saying he's a harbinger of a new wave of super-elite athletes descending on MMA. Others say he's just a phony. Watch and decide for yourself.

Jackson, the former Light Heavyweight champ has waited since July 2008 for a chance to reclaim the title, despite going 4-1 in the intervening period. Jones is making his first title defense since taking the belt from Mauricio Rua at UFC 128.

Both men are bitter rivals with Rashad Evans, the contender waiting in the wings to fight the winner of Jones/Rampage. Jackson coached opposite Evans on the most highly rated season of The Ultimate Fighter and then faced him at the million-selling pay-per-view UFC 114. Evans dominated Rampage with wrestling to take a decision in that fight and Quinton wants revenge.

Jones once trained with Evans at Greg Jackson's camp in New Mexico. The UFC 128 title shot was originally to have been Evans' -- he'd been waiting over a year  when he got hurt weeks before the event. The UFC offered Jones the title and the two friends soon had a bitter falling out.