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Bootleggers Beware: The UFC And The Federal Government Are Coming

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The UFC is looking to aggressively target internet pirates this year, asking the federal government to intervene on their behalf. And according to UFC President Dana White, regular fans will be the targets of opportunity:

@karateblackbelt the government is literally going to people's homes and taking them to jail. Wait and c what happens in the next few months.

@DearyLeary @joerogan maybe not but we can put Alot of people in jail.

@DearyLeary when people start going down it makes even the dumb ones go oh shit this might not be worth it.

As the technology blog Tech Crunch explained last year, no one is against stopping piracy, but there can be tradeoffs to aggressive enforcement:

It was only a few weeks ago that I first made mention of UFC’s efforts against piracy. The gist of the argument was, just let it happen and concentrate on maintaining the company’s momentum. The UFC doesn’t want to end up like the music industry, having sued its fans into indifference, if not antagonism, toward its product. It seems to me that, in the interest of the greater good, the UFC should ignore the streams that pop up. The greater good, of course, being continued and long-term growth at the expense of short-term profit (or, worse, revenge, because the tone Dana White has here screams nothing if not vengeance.)