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Rumors Of Brock Lesnar's Retirement 'Ridiculous,' Says Dana White

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Despite what the Internet may think, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar isn't planning on retiring anytime soon. Promotion President Dana White sharply dismissed the rumor during the UFC on Fox conference call Friday afternoon.

"That's ridiculous. That's so far from the truth, it's not even funny," White said in response to the gossip. "He's been working up on a farm in Canada all summer. He's back to 100 percent, and he's getting back into training in the next couple of weeks."

Lesnar's return has been a prime topic of discussion since the former NCAA wrestling champion was forced to withdraw from a scheduled contest against Junior dos Santos at UFC 131 after being struck by a second bout with the devastating intestinal disease diverticulitis. Lesnar once again underwent surgery in late May -- White stated at the time that the former champion had a foot-long section of his colon extracted and restored -- and has been recovering at his home in Minnesota ever since.

In mid-August the 34-year-old released a video that served as the first public appearance since his second round of surgery. A few days later White announced that Lesnar was aiming towards a return to the Octagon in early 2012. He reconfirmed that timetable on Friday.