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UFC 135 Video: Rampage Jackson Calls Jon Jones A Cocky Kid

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson talks about UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, whom he'll face at UFC 135 this Saturday in Denver. The two have not exactly had a mutual admiration society and Jackson does nothing to defuse the tension here.

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Jackson starts off the interview with a nice shot to the groin of the interviewer. Friendly.

He discusses the A-Team movie, explaining that its weak opening and lack of a sequel could be attributed to it going up against The Karate Kid. Then he talks about his kids and whether or not they get to watch his fights.

After that the discussion turns to Jon Jones and Rampage doesn't hold back. He calls the champ a "cocky kid with his head up his ass" among other choice terminology. 

Jackson also talks about his conditioning for this fight and his plans to make Jones look like a little kid in the cage.