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Mayweather Vs. Ortiz Coverage Round-Up

Did you miss any of the action from boxing's Mayweather vs. Ortiz? MMA Nation recaps all of our coverage from before, during and after the controversial fight.

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This past weekend was extraordinarily combat sports friendly. There were good UFC fights, but more importantly, one of boxing's biggest (if not the biggest) stars returned to the ring after more than 500 days away. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. took on Victor Ortiz at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The result? A controversial knockout win for Mayweather, but only after an illegal headbutt from Ortiz and pure referee incompetence from Joe Cortez.

Whether you followed our coverage the entire time or you're just now catching up on all the action, MMA Nation recaps all of our coverage of Mayweather vs. Ortiz for your viewing pleasure. We've got previews, predictions, round-by-round scoring, post-fight follow-up and so much more.

StoryStream Pre-Fight Coverage:

Previews, Predictions And Coverage Before The Fight:

Weigh-In Results:

Fight Coverage and Scoring:

Post-Fight Coverage:

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