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UFC Fight Night 25 Results: Alan Belcher Smashes Jason MacDonald

Middleweights Alan Belcher (16-6, 7-4 UFC) Vs. Jason MacDonald (25-14, 6-6 UFC) open the Spike TV broadcast of UFC Fight Night 25

Belcher is recovering from a 16 month layoff after suffering a detached retina that nearly cost him his vision. The 36-year-old MacDonald is on his second run in the UFC. 

Round 1: MacDonald forces the clinch, tries to get the take down, pulls Belcher down on top of him. MacDonald in guard. Belcher immediately postures up and starts throwing down. He hurts MacDonald with a right. MacDonald covers up and Belcher sneaks multiple shots through his defenses. This is a brilliant example of ground and pound. Belcher mixes in an elbow to the side of the head. No matter where MacDonald tries to go, Belcher is landing hard strikes. This is going to be stopped soon. Belcher pouring it on. MacDonald is badly hurt. 

Alan Belcher defeats Jason MacDonald by TKO in 3:48 of round 1.