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UFC Fight Night 25 Results: Ken Stone Puts Donny Walker To Sleep

Bantamweights Ken Stone (9-3, 0-1 UFC) vs. Donny Walker (15-7, 0-1 UFC) meet on the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night 25: Shields vs. Ellenberger.  The fight is streamed live on Facebook.

Stone is 0-1 in the UFC but he is 0-2 with Zuffa after losing in his WEC debut before the promotions merged. Walker lost his UFC debut to Jeff Hougland at UFC 132. The loser will likely get cut by the organization. 

Round 1: First leg kick from Stone lands low and forces a restart. Walker pushing the action with punches. They clinch Stone pushes Walker back into the cage. Gets dominant arm position and quickly trips Walker to the ground. Stone is controlling position on the ground. Walker stands up. Stone takes him back down. Gets hooks in gets the choke. Walker refuses to tap and Stone chokes him out!

Ken Stone defeats Donny Walker via technical submission (rear naked choke) at 2:40 of the first round.