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Ultimate Fight Night 25 Breakdown: Alan Belcher Vs. Jason MacDonald

Kid Nate breaks down every aspect of UFC Ultimate Fight Night 25's Alan Belcher vs. Jason MacDonald.

Photo by Josh Hedges, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.
Photo by Josh Hedges, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images.

UFC middleweights Alan Belcher and Jason MacDonald will open the Spike TV broadcast of Ultimate Fight Night 25: Shields vs. Ellenberger

Belcher, a Southern boy who fights like he was born in a Bangkok Muay Thai camp, is coming off a 16 month layoff after nearly his vision due to a detached retina. 

MacDonald, a Canadian submission specialist, is an aging journeyman on his second run in the UFC.

Assuming both fighters come into the bout in something resembling their top condition, it should be a classic striker-vs-grappler battle.

Belcher has some of the best Muay Thai in the middleweight division and MacDonald is one of the best submission artists not born in Brazil. Belcher has worked hard to improve his take down defense, scrambling and escapes and that should give him a path to victory. All he has to do is keep the fight standing and beat up MacDonald on the feet.

Unfortunately for MacDonald, his best striking asset is his Thai plum, but I don't see him getting that position on Belcher.

Look for Alan Belcher to return to contention in the UFC's 185 pound division with a dominant victory over Jason MacDonald. 

Aspect Belcher Points MacDonald Advantage
Range Fighting

Boxing Pro Passable Belcher
Kickboxing Is He Thai? So-so Belcher
Wrestling Ok 1 Good MacDonald
Clinch Fighting        
Dirty Boxing Good 1 Ok Belcher
Thai Clinch Pain Central 1 Good Belcher
Throws/Trips Eh 1 Good MacDonald
Ground Fighting

Positional Control Ok 1 Heavy MacDonald
Scrambling Slippery 1 Quick Tie
Escapes Up and Out 1 Slick Belcher
Submissions Ok 1 Excellent MacDonald
Intangibles Recovered? 1 On the Downswing? Tie
Overall Back in the Hunt 6/4 Might Have Been Belcher