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Ultimate Fight Night 25: Shields Vs. Ellenberger Fight Card Breakdowns

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MMA Nation brings you in-depth breakdowns of every fight on the Spike TV broadcast of Ultimate Fight Night 25: Shields vs. Ellenberger.

SBN will be offering quick but comprehensive previews of each fight on the main card of Ultimate Fight Night 25: Shields vs. Ellenberger. We will look at each aspect of the fight game: Range Fighting, Clinch Fighting, and Ground Game; and break down which fighter has the advantage in each category. 

Each major category is further broken down into sub-categories. These are:

  • Range Fighting: Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling
  • Clinch Fighting: Dirty Boxing, Thai Clinch, Throws/Trips
  • Ground Fighting: Positional Control, Top Game, Bottom Game, Submissions

Since it's a binary choice -- either one fighter is better at a certain aspect or it's a tie -- the rankings are just descriptive, not a formal ladder. IE if I rate one fighter's boxing as "lethal" and the other fighter's boxing as "extremely dangerous" just look to see which fighter I gave the nod in that category to find out if "lethal" is indeed better than "extremely dangerous" (it is).

Here's the Spike TV fight card: