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Floyd Mayweather's Popularity, Identity A Mystery To Jake Ellenberger

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In the video above, UFC middleweight Mark Munoz is asked to predict a winner for the Mayweather vs. Ortiz boxing bout. Before he can give an answer, UFC welterweight and UFC Fight Night 25 headliner Jake Ellenberger cuts him off to ask, "who cares?"

Here's Ellenberger's full statement:

"Who cares? We're free on Spike. Are you kidding me? Mayweather ... who's Mayweather?"

Ellenberger is one-half of the main event for UFC Fight Night 25, the other half being Jake Shields.

I'll partly sympathize with Ellenberger. He's headlining his first UFC event in a rather important affair for his career. Bristling at a reporter's question that prioritizes another fighter in another sport's contest is understandable.

But asking "Who's Mayweather?" is, well, the height of absurdity.


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