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Mayweather Vs. Ortiz: Floyd Plays Mind Games, Questions Victor's Backstory

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. adds a new layer to his mind games before the fight with Victor Ortiz, claiming Victor's story about his rough upbringing and abandonment by his parents is fake.

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It's no secret that Golden Boy and Victor Ortiz have made his upbringing one of the main focal points of selling Victor to the public. As the story goes, Victor's abusive father left after his mother had already gone leaving Victor and his younger brother to fend for themselves.

Yesterday, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. continued his pre-fight mind games by saying "I know the real truth, that his father didn't leave him, but it's good for TV. His father didn't leave. [Victor] went to high school in California." Floyd added "But I can do my homework. That's my job, to do homework on certain individuals."

Mayweather explained later in the day that a major part of the "homework" in question was talking to Robert Garcia. Robert is Victor's original proessional boxing coach and, according to Mayweather's version of the story, discovered Ortiz in Kansas while he was still living with his father. Garcia brought Ortiz to California and trained him while getting him through high school.

The L.A. Times did a little following up on the story:

Contacted by telephone, Robert Garcia told The Times he's heard from a former neighbor of the Ortiz family that Ortiz's "dad never left him, was always there for him."

There is now a lot of bad blood between Ortiz and Robert Garcia as Victor left his camp to train under his brother Danny. Danny and Robert, brothers living in houses so close that the lawns butt up against each other, are no longer on speaking terms. In addition, lightweight star Brandon Rios, currently training under Robert and once a training partner and friend of Victor, has been very vocal about his "hatred" of Ortiz.

Earlier in the week, Mayweather announced that has invited Rios and Robert Garcia to the fight, providing them tickets near ringside. There was also discussion that Mayweather would have Garcia and Rios walk him to the ring as to make Victor "face them" mere moments before the opening bell, but Robert claims that he isn't comfortable doing so.

In the end, all of this is Floyd testing Victor. I talked yesterday about how Ortiz's heart has been a question mark ever since quitting against Marcos Maidana. Floyd is going to put Victor's mental strength to the test before he even steps through the ropes.

We'll find out the real effect of these actions Saturday night when the men meet on HBO pay-per-view.

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