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AUDIO: The Ultimate Fighter 14 Media Call With Michael Bisping And Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

Above is the audio for today's conference call for Spike TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' season 14. On the call were this season's coaches: UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Jason Miller.

I've got a partial transcript of today's call. The good folks at Bloody Elbow have one as well. You can read that to get a general gist of things.

There seems to be both a genuine rivalry and pure showmanship on the part of Bisping and Miller despite their contentions to the contrary. Both, however, acknowledge making entertaining television was one of several top priorities. Interpret that how you will.

More regrettably, the call ended with Michael Bisping making yet another homophobic remark. Nothing exactly vicious or evil, at least not relative to other utterances among luminaries in the sport. But unfortunate. And unnecessary. And every other conceivable classification for homophobia's wholly repugnant existence.

The season kicks off next Wednesday, September 21st on Spike TV.