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VIDEO: UFC Event Next Year In Mexico Depends 'A Lot On Cain [Velasquez]'

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is doing the media rounds for Latin America media to promote his upcoming fight for UFC on FOX against challenger Junior dos Santos. This past week he stopped by Futbol Para Todos ('Soccer For Everyone'), a show focusing on soccer (primarily Argentinian soccer), but based in Mexico.

Noting that nothing said here is official gospel of the UFC, there is still nevertheless the insinuation by representatives of the show that should Velasquez defeat dos Santos in November the UFC will use that as the jumping off point for a UFC show in Mexico. Full translation after the jump:

Anchorman: Where is this function on the 12th taking place ?"

Rep: " will take place in Anaheim, California"

Anchorman: "In Anaheim...for our Latin comunity in Los Angeles go and support the event and  Cain!"

Rep: " Of course....The event that just took place in Brazil, is being said, the best UFC so far, with the best energy...and in Latin America, we are waiting...." (gets interrupted... by the anchorman)

Anchorman"...we are ready for an event like that here in Mexico!"

Rep: " Well, our bosses of the UFC, that are behind cameras, are saying that probably, next year we will have a UFC will depend a lot on Cain....." (stop talking to focus on the glove signing)

Also, Cain Velasquez has pretty sweet dance moves.