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VIDEO: Dan Henderson Wants Anderson Silva Or UFC Light Heavyweight Champ

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Strikeforce light heavyweight champ Dan Henderson is a free agent coming off the win of his career over Fedor Emelianenko. Of course given the current state of the MMA world, his choices are pretty much the UFC or the UFC.

He spoke to Clinch Gear Radio about his options (transcribed by Cage Potato) and talked about his options and who he wants in his next fight after the jump.

Whether or not he was close to rematching Anderson Silva on the Fox debut show:
"You'd have to ask Anderson Silva's camp, but I don't think it was close at all because I don't think he wants to fight me. It was something that was talked about and I said, ‘Sure, no problem. I'd do that.' I'd cut down to 185 to fight him, but nobody else."

If that is the rematch he wants most out of any of his losses:
"Probably. Especially the way he fights most the time. He's disrespectful to his opponents and the fans at the same time."

Whether or not he's interested in fighting Mauricio "Shogun" Rua:
"Yeah, I think that would be a great fight. Obviously the fight that I would want, and I think the fans would want even more, would be to see a title unification between whoever's the UFC champ at light heavy and me. I would like for that to happen, but there's a ton of fights over there. Shogun would be one of them. He just came off of a pretty big win and it would be something that all of the old school PRIDE fans would like to see, I'm sure."