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'Big' John McCarthy Talks New Book, UFC On Versus 6 Preview With Team Lloyd Irvin On The Fight Fix

CSN Washington's 'The Fight Fix' looks back at this past weekend's Strikeforce results and talks to referee 'Big' John McCarthy about his new autobiography. He also checks in with the coach and leader of Washington, D.C.'s most successful MMA team: Lloyd Irvin.

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Dustin Green UFC in DC
Dustin Green UFC in DC

The Fight Fix is back this week as it continues its coverage of the road to Washington, DC for UFC on Versus 6. Host Dustin Green of CSN Washington recaps last weekend's Strikeforce Grand Prix: Barnett vs. Kharitonov before moving into two original interviews.

Green talks to famed MMA referee and pioneer 'Big' John McCarthy about his new book 'Let's Get It On'. McCarthy explains why he wrote the book, what's been missing from the documentation of MMA history and more about his personal involvement in the sport.

Green then talks to the man in charge of the most successful MMA team in Washington, DC: Lloyd Irvin. Irvin has not one, but two fighters competing at the upcoming UFC on Versus card (Mike Easton, UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz) and discusses how his operation at Team Lloyd Irvin sets it apart from other MMA or jiu-jitsu schools.

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Full transcription below:

John McCarthy Skype INTV

1:09, on telling the fans more info about the true history of professional MMA: "There was a giant history and there was a lot of people that I thought deserved credit for things that the media doesn't put out because they don't know.  They weren't there and they didn't understand.  In the beginning there was no media to cover anything.  I wanted people to understand there was people who deserved credit for making things happen.  Rorion Gracie deserved credit for being the guy that...he's the only reason this thing was even there for people to grow on from - the beginning.  Art Davey - believing it and being the guy that actually pushing it for Rorion.  Bob Meyrowitz believing in it and putting it on TV, putting his money into it at a time when it wasn't making money.  Lorenzo Fertitta and Frank Fertitta - coming in and spending money to buy and then putting a ton of money in it and not having real success in the beginning.  Working through all those hard times and going millions of dollars in the whole.  Jeff Blatnick is a guy that no one gives credit to.  He deserves a ton of credit for the growth of the sport.  Jeff was a guy that lent his credibility to the sport at a time when it had none.  Jeff was an OLympic gold medalist.  He was someone who had been decorated as a top athlete, fought through serious health issues with cancer, and had lent his credibility to a sports that had none.  And willing did it and backed it and only spoke grat hings about the sport and helped it through a very hard time.  All those people deserved credit and I wanted people to know that there were those people that did those things."

Master Lloyd Ivrin INTV

3:06 - on why Team Lloyd Irvin/Alliance MMA has been so successful: "We're clearly defined on our goals.  We wanna create UFC champions.  We already created one UFC champion with Dominick Cruz.  From our jiu jitsu to our MMA aspirations we have clear goals and we have a solid squad of professional guys that are trying to attain those goals.  We have a professional staff.  We have doctors, accountants, we have strength & conditioning coaches, we have dietitians.  We have a whole professional team that works with even guys at the amateur level.  Everything is set up from the beginning like a professional team where a lot of martial arts schools, jiu jtsu schools are set up more like a hobby school or just a regular martial arts school.  We're taking things to a professional level and we're showing good results in our jiu jitsu as well as MMA.  In the UFC, we have lots of guys ding big things."

Mike Easton INTV (10-1-0, faces Jeff Hougland at UFC Live 6)

3:50, on his experience at Team Lloyd Irvin: "I came to Master Lloyd to compete and that's what he did.  Just immediately started competing and he turned me into a world champion and now we're in the UFC.  It's an unbelievable experience and to be part of that, to help mixed martial arts grow in this area, it's a blessing.  I'm an inner city kid.  I'm from Washington D.C.  We can change a lot of things in the Washington D.C. area, Prince Georges County areaespecially for the young kids that might not have the same chance that I had.  Some of the kids around here don't have both of their families in their life, both of their parents in their life.  A lot of them grow up in single family homes.  This will help them get stronger."

Master Lloyd Ivrin INTV

4:33, on the importance of having the UFC in D.C.: "For the Mecca of mixed martial arts - the UFC  to be in Washington D.C. for te very time at the Verizon Center and for us to be main eventing and for one of our top students Mike "The Hulk"  Easton to be making his debut, it's just like...the energy level ...I personally bought 650 UFC tickets and we sold out in a week just from the school.  We have people begging us to get more and we're out!  The energy is amazing.  The guys on the tem have surrounded Mike & Dominick.  It's just a lot of energy.  Everyone is looking forward to October 1st."

5:02 - Tease for Luke Thomas next Monday